What’s the best online tool for facilitating distributed retrospectives?

Conducting retrospectives with a distributed team is more challenging than a co-located one. Its vital that you remove any barriers to collaboration in real time. Besides the obvious requirements of a high bandwidth video and audio sharing tool, it should be easy for participants to brainstorm; vote; give feedback etc with the least friction.

Recently I have been experimenting with using a tool that I first discovered whilst attending the Global Scrum Gathering 2017 in Dublin. One of the keynote presenters (Michael Sahota) was using this tool to poll his audience in real time. Cool, eh? It inspired me to use it as a tool for team retrospectives and it is working really well. Members of the team can post their data using any device they like. It’s fun and very interactive which is important for a retro, right? 🙂

Here’s an example of a Mad, Sad, Glad retrospective:

And an ESVP opener:


The tool is PollEverywhere.

I’d encourage you to try it – it’s free for a small number of participants which is just right for agile teams.