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Runaround Decision Making Tool

As a facilitator of Agile teams I often find myself using various techniques for decision making (dot voting, fist of five, roman voting, 1-2-4-All) almost on a daily basis. Trouble is, though, whenever I’m usingContinue reading

Dysfunctional Agile Bingo

What is Dysfunctional Agile Bingo? I recently facilitated a lean coffee session on dysfunctional agile as part of our Agile Community of Practice. Some of the attendees were very new to agile but had alreadyContinue reading

Jon Snow has a safe word

You gotta have a team Safe Word

According to the urban dictionary a safe word is a term used in bondage play with one or more partners which lets the partners know that play needs to stop or slow down immediately. A safety word can be anyContinue reading