Spotify Playlist for Stand-up Call to Action

Sometimes when your team members are in deep focus on their sprint tasks they are oblivious to the fact that it is time for the daily scrum / stand-up. I’m always looking for ways to gamify the things we do as at work because I firmly believe that having fun at work is a sure way to achieve greater productivity. So, rather than run around nagging everyone and trying to herd cats at stand-up time I decided that I would imitate the ‘call to prayer’ with a ‘call to stand-up’. So, at our time to stand-up, if we’re not all gathered at the wall, then the spotify playlist comes into its own. Each track’s lyric contains the word ‘Stand Up’ so there is no doubt as to why I am playing these tunes in the office.

Doing this has had two effects.

  1. We gather for the stand-up with a smile on our faces and some banter between us encouraging a connection between us which helps the daily stand-up to run more smoothly
  2. Other people in the open plan office are inquisitive about what is going on and this provides some coaching opportunities in the wider organisation

I believe that is called a win-win.

Here’s my playlist. Feel free to use, its a lot of fun