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Wall Quote #2 – Command and control

Command and control ignores as well as stifles the implicit nature of human beings to deal with uncertainty, change and stress. John Boyd (fighter pilot and military thinker)


Runaround Decision Making Tool

As a facilitator of Agile teams I often find myself using various techniques for decision making (dot voting, fist of five, roman voting, 1-2-4-All) almost on a daily basis. Trouble is, though, whenever I’m usingContinue reading

Dysfunctional Agile Bingo

What is Dysfunctional Agile Bingo? I recently facilitated a lean coffee session on dysfunctional agile as part of our Agile Community of Practice. Some of the attendees were very new to agile but had alreadyContinue reading

Jon Snow has a safe word

You gotta have a team Safe Word

According to the urban dictionary a safe word is a term used in bondage play with one or more partners which lets the partners know that play needs to stop or slow down immediately. A safety word can be anyContinue reading

Product Owner vs ScrumMaster

Product Owner Versus Scrum Master

A useful infographic based on Roman Pichler’s article about what makes a great product owner. Feel free to use and abuse as necessary but please credit myself and Roman.  

Product Owner Anti Patterns

How to Fail as a Product Owner

Here’s an infographic I put together for some recent Product Owner training. Its a light hearted, humorous look at what you should do if you want to fail as a Product Owner. What NOT toContinue reading

Product Owner Key Responsibilities

Product Owner Responsibilities Infographic

I’ve been messing about (aka trialling) a website for creating infographics ( Here’s one I’ve done on Product Owner responsibilities. Feel free to use this but please give me credit!