Desk Drawer

Can you tell a ScrumMaster just by the contents of his desk drawer?

I was wondering if it was possible to tell a person’s job by the contents of their desk drawer? I’ve posted mine. I think the contents tell a story that could very well identify my job role:

  • Post-its
    You can never really have enough of these, in as many different shapes and sizes and colours you can find. Can be used as temporary backlog items during sprint planning; ideas for improvements during retrospectives. Any agile coach worth his salt will have a healthy share in 3M.
  • Sharpies
    Pretty much as essential as the Post-Its. When a plain old biro doesn’t cut it and a whiteboard marker is too big; a sharpie fits the bill perfectly.
  • Magnets
    These help to post up the latest Dilbert on your team’s magnetic whiteboard.
  • Planning Poker Cards
    How else can you get a developmentĀ team to talk to the product owner?
  • Wet and Dry Wipe Whiteboard Pens
    Use the ‘dry’ if you don’t mind someone inadvertently wiping your whole system design spec form the whiteboard as they lean against it regaling tales of what a great weekend they had. Otherwise use the ‘wet’.
  • Jammy Dog Gridding Tape
    I’ve spent many a happy hour re-gridding a whiteboard. No matter how many times its gridded the team always ‘inspect and adapt’ a change within a very fast feedback loop (usually a couple of hours) requiring a complete re-gridding of the board.
  • Headphones
    For when keeping an ear on the ‘unspoken team conversation’ gets too much (or when you want the team to think you can’t hear them šŸ™‚
  • A box of tissues
    Useful for those ‘difficult’ retrospectives.