Agile Software Development Landscape Mindmap

Agile Software Development Landscape

Recently, a work colleague asked me to provide an ‘overview of agile to someone who might need it’.

With such an open brief and an ill-defined target audience I thought I’d go generic.

I started by dumping the contents of my brain into a mind mapping tool (I like to use mindmeister but other tools are available too).

I spent quite a chunk of time on this before I realised that it will never be finished. So, in the spirit of agile, I have released it early and will iterate on it.

What did I learn?

At first, I was daunted by the enormity of the agile landscape and the challenge of distilling all of this into an easily digestible format. My original intention was to use a mind map tool just to collect the information.  I would then turn that information into some confluence pages or something similar. But I quickly realised that the way that mind maps visualise information was perfect for capturing and presenting the data so I didn’t bother to re-purpose it.

I discovered that over my years of agile coaching and scrum mastering I had bookmarked hundreds of articles on lean, XP, scrum, kanban, agile estimation etc. The list seemed endless. It was quite therapeutic to go through and collect all that information into a single resource.

A surprising result of parsing my backlog of bookmarks was that I deleted many articles that I felt were no longer relevant or outdated. A lot has changed in the agile landscape over the years.

I hope this mind-map helps anyone who gets a similar unspecific request!